All comics start with an idea. It’s not necessarily a good idea yet, because you haven’t had time to process it, but an idea is all it takes for it to expand into a whole new world of possibilities.

Many passionate artists want to try their hand at writing their own comics. They have so many stories and characters buzzing around their brains, that it’s a wonder they can contain them. If you feel that you are ready to log off of or, and want to finally relieve the itch in your fingers to draw and create and write, here are some small tips to help you get started.

- Remember that the more you write and draw, the better your comic books and online strips will become. Practise truly does make perfect.

- Comics are short stories, so it would be useful for you to practise writing stories that are short, but exciting before you attempt a comic. There’s a skill required when you write a short story, because you need to eliminate any waffling, without sacrificing the important details.

- Gain as much experience as you can. Many people are talented artists, but don’t have good ideas when it comes down to creating new plot points and story arcs. Make sure you focus on the areas that you know you struggle with. Don’t avoid them, because that will only injure yourself.

- Read books, watch movies, get too invested in the TV, and search the internet. The more information you take in, the more inspired your ideas will be. Just don’t blatantly steal someone’s idea. There’s a difference between influence and plagiarism.

- If you are a stronger artist than you are writer, it might be a good idea for you to illustrate first, and see what dialogue and other additional text fit in, and would move the comic along.

- Make sure you write every idea you ever have down. Then look them over and see which ones would work, and expand them.