Faultytwin first started out as a character in a short flash animation in a college project. A mere two years later the first comic strip was created which can be found here – Blink. Loosely based on me (thats why he is so handsome), Faulty is a gentle soul who isnt very intelligent.

I really dont know how to describe my work, if you do email in – faultycomics@hotmail.co.uk

Faulty Name :  Faulty Twin 

Age : 27  (Mental Age : Undefined)

Favourite Website : “One’s with internet romance novels…”

Quote : ” I wear my underpants most days and eat cereal straight from the box.”

Best Strips : BluetoothEnsignCrunchRoboFaultBabyFaulty.

Name :  Max 

Age : 6

Favourite Website : www.crufts.org.uk

Quote :  ”…there’s a nice ass biscuit for you. “

Best Strips : PooDogBad DogMax Ep.1Spirit Dog.

Name :  Red Headed Big Boobed Over Opinionated Girl 

Age :  Its impolite to ask and speculation can lead to bruises.

Favourite Website : www.equalitynow.org

Quote :  ”I am woman here me roar!! “

Best Strips : RHBBOOG, Charades.

Name :  Mr Fly 

Age : 1 week

Favourite Website :  ”I try to say away from the web…”

Quote :  ”..it’ll be better than hovering around poo anyway “

Best Strips : Part 1Part 2Part 3Satire.

Name :  Jesus 

Age : 33 (At time of death, but he lives on in our hearts)

Favourite Website : The Bible

Quote :  ”Let there be bread, fish and somekind of desert”

Best Strips : Jesus & FaultyParty likes it 33AD.

Name :  Faultina 

Age : 27

Favourite Website : www.itv.com/loosewomen

Quote :  ”Where are my lady plugs? “

Best Strips : Faultina, Faultina and FaultyGirl Power.